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Photos and posters are made by  : multimedia artist Ioan Viorel Cojan

POUCH THEATRE COMPANY / BUZUNARUL CU TEATRU is a progressive art company based in North - Eastern Romania, and was founded in October 2007. The president is Gheorghe Balint, famous romanian theatre director and the artistic director is architect & scenographer Crezantema Sofronea
We focus very strongly on narrative stories, the old traditional questions of human choice, but seek to make the storytelling style & dramaturgy - whether through realism, puppetry, shadow, audio, collage - absolutely organic to the story being told.
POUCH THEATRE COMPANY is more than a theatre company: it is a state of mind. When each collaborative adventure into the unknown starts off, anything is possible. The result is an astonishingly broad and continually evolving spectrum of work.
The mission of POUCH THEATRE COMPANY is to create performance works which test and break the boundaries of theatre, dance, puppetry, music, and text ; to experiment with form while staying accessible; to develop a physical, theatrical performance technique that draws from many performance traditions; to re-imagine „ classics” with both irreverence and a desire to make them relevant; and to reach out to new audiences by redefining theatre as an interdisciplinary art form; and to pose the difficult questions of our difficult times. POUCH THEATRE COMPANY is a centre for cultural and artistic proposals emphasizing linguistic and aesthetic forms in the various arts.
POUCH THEATRE COMPANY is a non-profit theatre company, which presents works to „challenge the imagination and boundaries of both artists and audiences”. When the ritual of theatre has died it's time to return to the vital sources underlying the creation of culture itself.
The current era of emotional plague has accelerated via the massive collective projection of physical, emotional and sexual energy into mental, or virtual, mediums such as the internet, VR technology, video games, mass media advertising, and television.
What is real and what is an illusion ? Do you know ? Do you care ?
The emotional plague doesn’t care either and you will soon be assimilated, if you have not already been consumed…

  • PROSPERO'S GROUP it is a work in progress of the POUCH THEATRE COMPANY

PROSPERO'S GROUP was established in the autumn of 2008 at the Children's Palace in Bacau. Students from all high schools from Bacau form our group. The shows of the group are playing in Romanian, English and French. The coordinating teacher of the group is director, Gheorghe Balint.
Shows performed: "Come and Go" by Samuel Beckett; " Impaiati-va iubitii " by Teodor Mazilu, " Sandwich cu pui " by Matei Visniec, "Nu mai sunt iepurasul tau drag" by Matei Visniec, " I love you,daddy…” by Mihaela Iancu.

PROSPERO’S GROUP has a permanent theatrical season (we perfvery Saturday) in "Prospero" studio at Children's Palace from Bacau.

Our show theme is about love, a very old theme...what happened between souls ? ...we are interested in “simple” stories; we don’t want to do “modern” theater, sophisticated and rebellious plays... we want to get closer to our inner selves and to understand the souls, we hope we can convey emotion...every generation goes, as always, through the same questions and crises...to make theater you have to have talent and a lot of passion...you have to have the joy of walking and acting on the scene boards...
Why do we make theater ?... Why do we go to experience theater ?
Maybe because we want to illuminate our lives...
Theater asks questions, it doesn’t give answers..
"Totus mundus agit histrionem"...We ARE the theater !

Asociatia (compania) BUZUNARUL CU TEATRU

Fondata in octombrie 2007
Promoveaza :
- educatia creativa prin teatru;
- dramaturgia noua romaneasca;
- teatrul de interventie sociala.

 Misiunea asociatiei BUZUNARUL CU TEATRU este o chintesenta a dezideratelor de cercetare si documentare teatrala, cu aplicare coerenta si concreta adaptata realitatilor societatii romanesti :
- identificarea unor forme alternative de educatie creativa prin teatru (ateliere, interventii punctuale)
- abordarea onesta a unor teme tabu ale societatii romanesti prin metodele teatrului - interventie: violenta cotidiana, problemele tinerilor si ale adolescentilor, categoriile sociale defavorizate, cenzura;
- introducerea unor noi metodologii de lucru atat pentru promovarea dramaturgiei noi, cat si pentru prezentarea unor spectacole neconventionale de teatru.

 BUZUNARUL CU TEATRU are patru linii de dezvoltare :
- Productie de teatru
- Sprijinirea filmului independent
- Programe educationale
- Dezbateri publice pe teme prioritare social - artistice.

  • BUZUNARUL CU TEATRU a initiat in anul 2008 proiectul (work in progress) "PROSPERO'S GROUP" in parteneriat cu PALATUL COPIILOR BACAU. In cadrul cercului de teatru coordonat de prof. Gheorghe Balint s-a constituit trupa "PROSPERO'S GROUP" (grupele de performanta). Specatcolele trupei se joaca in fiecare sambata, la ora 17.00, in sala studio "PROSPERO" a Palatului Copiilor - str. Oituz, nr. 24.

  • PROSPERO'S GROUP link : http://prosperogroupbacau.blogspot.com/
  • Stagiune permanenta "PROSPERO'S GROUP" :
  •  "Impaiati-va iubitii" de Teodor Mazilu / distributia : Lavinia Adam, Catalin Petcu
  •  "Come and go" de Samuel Beckett (RO) / distributia : Florina Paldau, Andreea Ferchiu, Lavinia Adam
  • "Come and go" de Samuel Beckett (EN) / distributia : Andreea Ferchiu, Irina Frunza, Flavia Sandu

  • "Impaiati-va iubitii" de Teodor Mazilu / distributia : Madalina Chira, Alina Astefanoaiei, Rahela Petrea, Catalin Petcu, George Zaharia
  • "Come and go" de Samuel Beckett (RO) / distributia : Madalina Chira, Elena Broscoi, Bianca Cercel, Andreea Marcociu, Alexandra Broscoi, Madalina Tivlea, Iulia Moga, Diana Tarus, Ioana Taranu,
  • "Come and go" de Samuel Beckett (EN) / distributia : Elena Broscoi, Andreea Marcociu, Bianca Cercel
  • "Sandwich cu pui " de Matei Visniec / distributia : Madalina Chira, George Zaharia, Alexandra Pascu, Alexandra Spataru, Larisa Farauanu, Tatiana Postica, Nina Varzari, Maria Grosu, Razvan Toma, Alex Vraciu
  • "Nu mai sunt iepurasul tau drag" de Matei Visniec / distributia : Madalina Chira, George Zaharia, Alexandra Pascu, Ana Maria Balaoi, Alex Vraciu, Larisa Farauanu